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Here's a chart that I've been compiling as I convert my recipes>>>

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I have a worksheet taped to the inside of my cabinet, and I refer to it often, when trying to convert my recipes from cups to weights.

I try to remember to add new things to my list, as I measure them.

I also write the 1-cup-weight of a new ingredient directly on the box the first time I weigh it - no sense weighing it twice or thrice, 'cause I can't remember what it weighed the last time.... :)

When I measure my flour, I aerate it a little bit, scoop it with a scoop, and pour it into my measuring cup. (I dunno if that's equivalent to a dip-and-sweep method, or the scoop-and-sweep method, or whatever other method they use for measuring flour.)

So here's my list.

1 cup of ____ weighs:

sugar, white 7 oz.
sugar, brown 7 3/4 oz
sugar, powdered 4 1/4 oz
sugar, maple 8 oz

flour, all purp 4 1/2 oz
flour, bread 4 3/4 oz
flour, cake 4 oz
flour, rice 5 1/2 oz

milk, 2% 8 1/2 oz
milk, buttermilk 8 1/2 oz
milk, soy 8 1/2 oz

bananas, mashed 8 oz
canola oil 7 3/4 oz
cocoa 3 oz
corn syrup, dark 11 1/2 oz
corn syrup, light 12 oz
cornstarch 4 1/2 oz
oatmeal 3 oz
peanut butter 9 oz
pecans 3 1/2 oz
rice krispies 1 oz
corn flakes 1 oz

Hope that helps!

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