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CynUpstateNY, two more "chocolate rolled cookie" recipes

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Posted to Thread #12929 at 12:51 am on Dec 7, 2008

Still not T&T, but both from cookbooks that have not failed me yet:

<i>The Good Cookie</i> by Tish Boyle and <i>Great Cookies</i> by Carole Walter.

I picked Tish's cookie because the photo of the cookie has super-sharp edges and shiny flat surfaces, so I believe it will bake well for your purposes.

Carole's cookie is not quite so perfect (edges sharp, but top surface is slightly bubbly), but her cookie characteristics are listed as: versatile, long shelf-life, & travels well. All good things. And every one of her cookies have been good.

[Edited] Geez, I just typed in both recipes and they are amazingly similar, even to the instructions (which I paraphrased). Only major difference is Tish's uses all cocoa which Carole's uses a blend of cocoa and unsweetened melted chocolate. Tish's is very dark (like an oreo cookie dark) while Carole's is a lighter chocolate color.

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