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You know, Michael, I walked into the grocery store planning to buy rotisserie chickens.

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Posted to Thread #23690 at 12:41 pm on Jan 22, 2013

This is a high-end market in Orlando and I thought they would be the easiest way to go. Our local Publix told me their rotisserie chickens are exactly 2.2. pounds ($6.99 each) and I knew I'd need the meat from at least two of them. At this store (Fresh Market with dedicated butchers), they were $7.99 each, while the uncooked fryer was $1.70 a pound. I was still waffling on which way to go when the butcher informed me that the fryer was "all natural with no preservatives or additives" then nodded toward the delil and simply said <i>"the rotisserie chickens are "Perdue." </i> Then he lifted his eyebrows slightly.

Whether he was working customer psychology on me or what, his tone and inflection translated that sentence into <i>"Buy those and you'll be buying preservative-soaked, chemically-infused, genetically-altered, sodium-saturated chicken used-to-be's."</i>

I like to think I bought the 5-lb fryer because the price was a better deal. That's what I'd like to think.

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