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REC: Jewish Chicken soup (with advice from a consummate jewish mother)...

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Posted to Thread #3493 at 10:58 pm on Sep 12, 2006

Chicken Soup

from Moyn

1 chicken ( 3 - 5 lbs.)
1 onion, peeled, left whole
3/4 carrots, sliced or chunked
2 stalks celery, sliced
1 parsnip, peeled, left whole
1 small bunch dill
1 small bunch parsley (you can chop if you like)
Put all of above in a large soup pot.
Cover with water.
Add some salt & pepper.
Bring to boil, and then simmer for about an hour and a half, adding a bit more water, as necessary.

Remove parsnip, dill, onion...... discard these (I love to eat the parsnip, mashed with a bit of butter!). Remove chicken... skin, and shred back into soup, if desired.. otherwise, save for use in chicken salad, chicken pot pie, etc. Skim the soup of fat and serve!! (you may add some boiled thin noodles). Guaranteed to get 'em out of bed, and out of the house within 48 hours!!!! Great to inhale, also, with a towel over their heads. (LOL) (But let's wait til this storm is over!!) (For them to leave the house, that is!)

you can however, add another carrot or two to make up for the celery.... (this is called "assuaging your guilt", by substitution!! LOL) P.S. I never met anyone that just had a parsnip "lying around"!!! LOLOLOL Back to the soup... you might want to throw a few odd veggies in there also.. some string beans.. etc.. been known to be really good... and of course, the therapeutic value is unsurpassed....

added the carrots right off. god knows what might be lying about here. lessee

dig dig - lotsa frozen tomatillas from 98's (or was it 97's) garden. nope. not jewish enough (although i did circumcize them).

dig dig dig - PILES of little bags fulla asparagus butts to ostensibly be turned (after pureeing and straining) into cream of asparagus soup. closer, but no cigar yet.

dig dig dig dig - some frozen red bell pepper. lotsa good vitamis and anti-oxidants like beta tomatotene. alas, my sweetie doesn't do red bell pepper. back to the freezer, rick.

speaking of anagrams, did you know you that palestrina (the composer) was composed of alien parts? of course that was LONG ago. he's not even a decomposer any more.

dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig scrape scrape dig dig..... what's this? SHEESH, moyn; when did THAT get in there. it's a bag of lima beans, blackeyed peas and fercry'notloudineverwouldathunkit STRINGbeans. wuddayaknow!

scoop scoop scoop dump dump. they're in the soup now by gum.

time passes like an ever-rolling stream...

taste taste...

yum! it'll do.

what are your thoughts on browning the chicken first? i generally brown first, but i dunno that it might not be the wrong
thing for chicken soup. i know that wizened stewers work better than the young chicks, but none were waiting in the

i do like to start with chicken stock insted of water, remove the chicken after about 30-40 minutes, debone it, reserve the
meat and throw the oogies back in the stock after cracking the bones. then i toss the meat back in before serving.

although i generally skim as much fat as possible offa my stock, i'll swear on a stack of new testaments that jewish chicken
soup needs some fat on it. but then again, wudda i know?

hopefully neither of you are in need,
at the moment.

i KNEW i shoulda mentioned in the last email that nobody was sick.
i knew it i knew it i knew it. we just like soup when it's cold and ucky out. and we love your chicken soup.

Still snowed in up there? It's so hard to believe, when the temps this weekend and today have almost topped 80. We
were on the beach yesterday until
4:30. Such is the way of the weather!!!!

nope. iced in this time. about a inch on toppa the foot or so that's left from the last one.


Well, do yourself a favor, friend, and get the orthotics...

i wanna get them, moyn. honest!

the recovery was going so well. we had opted out of kaiser by the time that the plantar fasciitis hit and it was too late
(early november) to start the process of getting them before the insurance ran out so i had to wait til this millenium to start
the process.

(doesn't the insurance cover them, now???)

maybe. maybe not. that's what i'm waiting to find out now.

That'll be the quickest healer of all, and you'll feel better all the time!

i know. my breath is bated. i am all aflutter in anticipation

I have a friend here, that is fighting
getting them... She'll buy shoes that have price tags in the 3 digits, but
won't spring for the orthotics....

not THIS boy, moyn. i wanna be able to stand for hours on a concrete floor (yeah, moyn - i HAVE osha- [and mom-]
approved floor mats....) for hours on end turning piano-shaped objects back into pianos.

and is always complaining.. ..I just
don't get it... they're a few hundred dollars, I know, but it's the difference
between comfort and pain..... and a comfortable future as opposed to the
Oh well, you can lead a horse to water... yadda yadda yadda.

not to mention how the cost pales when compared to the many kilobucks i've lost to the disability...

Gotta go finish the stir fry veggie. <snip>(mixed with Randi's rosemary which is sooooooo much more pungent than mine)

oooooh. that reminds me. i haven't tried randi's rosemary! brb!

dig unzip dump zip undig...
i knew just where it was...
taste taste
yum yum

i'm off (but you knew that) to make up the dumplings...

more hugs,

The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax.
Albert Einstein

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