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Marg CDN2

I bought one 3 years ago and with the height limitations imposed by my cabinets, the choices

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were also limited. I had fears of KA and went about finding out who really made all the branded models. I ended up with a Kenmore Elite. Elite important. I loved it.

I had done all the preliminary consumer research but sometimes, I think you can just get a lemon, no matter who makes it.

The glass shelves were substantial, the through-the-door ice, crushed ice and water always worked, the lighting was intelligently positioned, the drawers were well-built and fit into spaces that were designed for them rather than a hit-and-miss construction. The doors included well-designed movable shelves that allowed for me to buy an additional one. It was a great idea. The access that these deep shelves on doors allow was important for me. I had 3 pullout shelves, also well-constructed but I rarely pulled them out. The inside was so strongly built that it could easily allow split shelves without compromising stability.

Everything disassembled easily and intelligently without requiring risky contorting. The glass was thick and printed, the brackets were all metal, the drawers were metal.

And of course, there is that commonly-known fact that Sears is one of the best places to buy appliances.

It had the other bells and whistles, such as quick freeze and auto sensing of new groceries.

I miss that frig and would love to get it back.

I do not remember now, what company actually made it but did I mention that I really miss it?

Here I have a piece of Jennair crap. Junky plastic where Kenmore Elite used metal, thin plain glass that fits poorly into brackets making a mess to clean. Cheap door shelves that make me fear that they'll crumble if I look at them the wrong way. And this idiotic pullout bottom freezer drawer that I really hate. I can't find anything in it, have to unload it every time I want to find something I know is in there, no crushed ice, have to open the frig to get at the water instead of through the door.

I would definitely choose a side-by-side again as the freezer area is so much easier to manage. One would say that it is not as economical on power but with the time that is lost searching for food in the bottom drawer, I think it would be a saw-off.

If this were not a rental that I'm living in, I'd get that frig again.

I miss that frig (fridge). Good luck.

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