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I tried this last night with a few extra tweaks. Delicious, but used the wrong pan: a GF-bread pan!

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Posted to Thread #24306 at 11:45 am on May 14, 2013

Got home from work, set 2 lemons to simmer for an hour & let them cool. Then I read the directions.

Damn. It was supposed to be 3 lemons. Deseeded the boiled ones and dropped everything into the Vitamix. Pared off the skin of another fresh lemon and squeezed its juice into the Vitamix. Added 1/4 C of the sugar and buzzed until utterly smooth. Then I added the six egg yolks and another 1/4 C of the sugar and buzzed until I had something that tasted awfully close to lemon curd.

I used 2 1/4 C of ground almond meal, 1.5 TBL of baking powder (whisked those two together well and added the eggyolk cream. Blended by hand), then beat the 6 egg whites until frothy. Added 1/2 tsp cream of tartar. Then slowly added the remaining 1/2 C of sugar until shiny with stiff peaks. Whisked 1/3 of this into the almond/yolk mixture and folded in the remaining stiff whites. Ended up with a HUGE bowl of frothiness.

Piled it all the way to the top of a GF-bread pan from King Arthur lined with parchment. This is what we call a "BAD IDEA" in the "we don't know crap" baking business. The raison d'Ítre of a skinnier & taller GF-pan is to give the rising GF bread support so that it can set. Which I totally nullified by using tall pieces of parchment that fell inward under the weight of the batter.

The batter rose another inch and then started to collapse. Final result was a cooked perimeter and a damp middle. If I were going for a delicate and brightly-flavored 4" high lemon trencher, I'd have achieved my goal.

But the taste? Wow. It was really, really good. I need to refine this somehow, but I'm sticking with the 2-boiled + 1 fresh lemon goof-up for the flavor punch it delivered.

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