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Inherited my mom's but still haven't used it. I keep clipping unusual waffle recipes

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like corn dog bread, falafel, mac and cheese/spaghetti pie, leftover mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs/omelet, warming pastries/bagels, grilled cheese sandwiches, quesidillas, biscuit/cookie/brownie/banana bread/carrot cake batter, oatmeal. My mom's waffle iron can make pizelles.
Top of my list is to try is waffling the yogurt pizza dough we love, then top and broil. Also Monte Cristo ham and cheese egg batter sandwiches. And puff pastry! From Food Network (linked) - "Waffling raw puff pastry dough was the biggest success of all. After cooking for four to eight minutes in the waffle maker (depending on what kind was used), puff pastry got crispy, buttery and completely delicious. We think the Puffle's the next Cronut™. Break out your waffle maker and give it a try!"
What about Bibimbap? (no reviews)
Or zucchini grilled cheese? (no reviews)
For even more ideas/recipes use Look Inside of Will it Waffle: 53 recipes
Looking forward to hearing what others have done! Colleen

Link: Can you waffle it?

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