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Fresh Corn Polenta versus Frozen Corn Polenta

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Posted to Thread #31106 at 3:51 pm on Sep 27, 2019

I'm giving Yotam's recipe a rest after testing this, but thought I'd share the polenta results: The polenta on the left (slightly tinged with red because it was reheated in the eggplant pan without washing it out) was made using a thawed tube of frozen "Fried Corn" by McKenzie. I buzzed it smooth in the Vitamix (thickening it slightly by adding a bit of cooked grits) and then cooked the puree with butter on stove top. Total processing time: less than 5 minutes.

Yesterday I made the fresh version on the right using 4 ears of corn. Cleaned & stripped it off the cob, cooked it on stove top for 12 minutes, strained, buzzed it in food processor, returned to pan and cooked it for another 5 minutes adding approx. half the liquid. Total time to process fresh ears of corn and cook: 20 minutes

Visually, the fresh version wins hands down.
Time to prepare: the frozen version wins hands down.
Taste-wise, the frozen version was much sweeter and "corn-ier" tasting. Perhaps it's because the fresh corn is so late in the year? Also, the kernel case didn't break down as much in the fresh version so I wasn't totally pleased with the texture in my mouth. The frozen version was a puree, so that aspect wasn't an issue.

Anyway, of the two versions, I'll be using the frozen corn method. I can purchase the frozen tube of corn any time of the year and it's less messy to work with.


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