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a bust of a recipe, but a tasty component to use elsewhere? Lemon Zinger Bars

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Posted to Thread #31139 at 3:52 pm on Oct 15, 2019

From Low-So Good by Jessica Goldman Foung.

I had hoped this would be a low-fat, low sodium breakfast bar for me, but the end result was too...pasty-tasting? Na, that's not it. I like raw oats in muesli, so I thought a baked version would also work.

It didn't.

However, the dried fruit blend smelled and tasted amazing and now I want to use THAT in something else. I just can't think what.

I'll post the recipe next, but the fruit blend I used was this, pureed in food processor:

1/2 C chopped dates
1/2 C candied ginger
1/4 C dried apricots
2 TBL dried cherries
1 large lemon, zest and juice
3/4 C warm water (this can easily be reduced).

While this baked, I was in lemon-ginger scented heaven, but the outcome was, sadly, blah. It's possible my nose raised expectations beyond the expectation limit, but then I realized I don't HAVE to have THIS mixed up with THAT.

So how else can I use it? My first thought was as a rugelach filling (using a lot less water to thin), but that would mean eating cookies for breakfast. Admittedly I've done that a LOT, but I'd like something a bit healthier, only not so "healthy" as mixing it with nothing other than old-fashion oats.

Any suggestions?

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